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Building the prototype

Posted in Research by anthonybrato on May 26, 2009

So after tightening the chain up, and getting the mechanism to power that wheel, it was time to introduce the record.
In this video, the music is being played backwards. It is being played through a Gramaphone needle and sound box. Basically; fancy tin.

In this video a homemade soundbox is being used. A pepsi can with a needle taped to it. Not much difference in quality, but its not as loud. The pin snapped when the home made soundbox accidentally fell into the spinning spokes. Luckily the Gramaphone soundbox avoided this fate.

The wheel only allowed me to place the record on the side that was turning counter clockwise, no good seeing as the record would be going backwards. So an extension and another wheel is needed.
And this is it lieing down

another test! still not there


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