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Other record art pieces

Posted in Research by anthonybrato on May 26, 2009

Other artists have taken the possibility of the record and have epxlored the outcomes.

Alexander Laner:

Sportscar motor rotating at around 800 revolutions, reduced to 33 revolutions by a gearbox, playing records on a turntable mounted to the engine block.

Bicycle playing a 7 inch record mounted to the back wheel.

Helmet Smits:

The cycling speed influences the sound, similar to walkman!

Jeroen Diepenmaat:

Stuffed birds play records by putting their beak into the groove.

»loop/loop« is a recordplayer that changes its pitch depending on the walking speed.

In the instalation »in honour of a new affair«, a needle is installed above each recordplayer that connects the vinyl with the large pieces of paper. The sound of the records are being transported to the paper and the paper makes it audible. The needle constantly changes its position, due to the wind.


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